Hannah played a Police Operator in Channel 4's one-off thriller, 'The Watchman',
starring Stephen Graham, showing on Channel 4 at 9pm on Wednesday 24th August 2016:
Hannah worked with Charlotte Rampling and Andrew Haigh on the award-winning '45 Years'
recently in cinemas and available on demand:
Hannah played the journalist, Alexandra Priest, in the independent thriller, Lost in the Shadows:
Hannah played Sinead in the thriller, 'Containment', currently available on demand:
Hannah stars in the current Haribo commercial:
Hannah reached the finals of the Funny Women Awards 2014 at the Leicester Square Theatre
where she performed as the human/banana hybrid, Hannah Bananna:

Hannah also appeared as the real-life stalker victim, Kristy Moore, in October Films' Obsession: Dark Desires,

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